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Matthew Perlman

While Justice Anthony Kennedy penned opinions in cases that had sweeping impacts on the legal landscape and society — like Iqbal and the same-sex marriage cases — he also made some important contributions to antitrust law on cases involving pricing practices and state action immunity.

A putative class of direct purchasers of the cholesterol drug Zetia asked a Virginia federal judge on Monday to consolidate their antitrust claims accusing Merck Co. of orchestrating a pay-for-delay scheme to keep a generic version of the drug off the market.

A European court on Tuesday upheld a €57 million ($66.4 million) fine levied against Sanitec Europe Oy for its part in an alleged price-fixing scheme in the market for bathroom fixtures that saw enforcers hit 17 companies with more than €600 million in penalties.

South Africa’s competition enforcer said Tuesday that it has hit embattled car parts manufacturer Takata Corp. with more than a dozen additional charges over allegations that it fixed the prices for seat belts and airbags supplied to BMW, Toyota and others.

A Luxembourg-based investment group has launched a putative class action accusing the holding company for theChicago Board Options Exchange of manipulating the VIX index, causing the U.S. volatility benchmark to spike and reaping more than a billion dollars in proceeds in the process.

A proposed class of drug wholesalers alleging GlaxoSmithKline PLC and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. conspired to delay generic competition of the epilepsy treatment Lamictal asked a New Jersey federal judge on Tuesday for certification, reasoning that district courts have allowed similar claims to advance as class actions.

Some of Britain’s biggest law and accountancy firms have handed Prime Minister Theresa May a list of Brexit demands and said that failure to secure a deal that involves mutual recognition of regulations and qualifications and free movement of staff could damage the sector.

In its first complete term back at full strength since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the top U.S. court took on several cases that revealed deep divisions among its members. Here are the most stinging dissents.

Amy Coney Barrett has been sitting on the Seventh Circuit bench for only eight months, but she is rumored to be on President Donald Trump’s shortlist for potential picks to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Once upon a time, there was a frog.
Shania Goble Feb 5, 2018

The Frog That Wanted to be an Authentic Frog

An English Translation by Shania

There once was a Frog, who wanted to be an authentic Frog. Every day she tried hard to become one.

At first, she bought herself a mirror. She looked into the mirror for a long time, searching for the authenticity that she was desiring.

Sometimes, she seemed to find it. And, at other times, she couldn’t seem to find it. Whether or not she could see it, on that particular day or at that particular hour, depended upon her mood. She was finally tired of searching for her authenticity in this way, so she put the mirror inside of a trunk.

At last, she thought that the only way to know her own value was to consult popular opinion. She began to comb and to dress and to undress (when there was no other option), in order to know if the others approved of her and recognized her as an authentic Frog.

One day, she observed that people most admired her for her body, especially her legs. So, she devoted herself to squatting and jumping to develop better legs. And, she felt that everyone applauded her for doing so.

So, she continued making efforts until she was finally ready to do whatever it took in order to be considered an authentic Frog.

She let her legs be pulled out, and the others ate them. And, she was still able to hear with bitterness when they said, “Mmmm… What a good frog! It tastes like chicken!”

La rana que quería ser una Rana auténtica

Por Augusto Monterroso

Había una vez una rana que quería ser una rana auténtica, y todos los días se esforzaba en ello.

Al principio se compró un espejo en el que se miraba largamente buscando su ansiada autenticidad. Unas veces parecía encontrarla y otras no, según el humor de ese día o de la hora, hasta que se cansó de esto y guardó el espejo en un baúl.

Por fin pensó que la única forma de conocer su propio valor estaba en la opinión de la gente, y comenzó a peinarse y a vestirse y a desvestirse (cuando no le quedaba otro recurso) para saber si los demás la aprobaban y reconocían que era una rana auténtica.

Un día observó que lo que más admiraban de ella era su cuerpo, especialmente sus piernas, de manera que se dedicó a hacer sentadillas y a saltar para tener unas ancas cada vez mejores, y sentía que todos la aplaudían.

Y así seguía haciendo esfuerzos hasta que, dispuesta a cualquier cosa para lograr que la consideraran una rana auténtica, se dejaba arrancar las ancas, y los otros se las comían, y ella todavía alcanzaba a oír con amargura cuando decían que qué buena rana, que parecía pollo.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash
Shania Goble Feb 5, 2018
At University of Kentucky

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“You have a large share of the population who are struggling to meet their financial obligations and has seen modest to no improvement,” says UBS Credit Strategist Stephen Caprio.

About 76 million U.S. households make up the bottom 60% of income earners, with take-home pay of $65,000 or less. Of that group, about a third were "stressed" in 2016, UBS says, near the highest level since the mid-1990s.UBS defines 'stressed' Americans as those whose financial obligations —such as mortgages, rent, auto loans and leases, and credit card bills —exceed 30% of their income and who don’t have enough cash and other assets to pay their bills for six months in the event of a layoff or other shock. Such people are far more likely to eventually fall behind on loans and rein in spending.

Even more troubling: About 25 million low-income households that earn $23,000 or less face growing burdens, with nearly half of that bottom 20% of income earners stressed in 2016, up from 45% in 2013, UBS figures show.

By comparison, the burden for people at higher income levels has been getting lighter. Only 3.6% of households in the top 40% of income earners were stressed in 2016, down from 4.5% in 2013, UBS figures show, with many enjoying both low mortgage rates and soaring stock prices.

A sign advertises an apartment for rent along a row of brownstone townhouses in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

More: How to lower your housing costs, whether you rent or own

More: Here's how many hours of work it takes to pay rent in 11 major U.S. cities

More: Workers seek $15 wage, union rights in protests in many cities

Alejandra Mejia and two of her children, Nicole,6, and Yatziri, 13.

Mejia, 31, and her three children live in a room in a house for victims of domestic violence for $680 a month. Shecan’t afford an apartment in San Jose, Calif., where the rent, according to Rent Café, averages $2,616. She earns about $300 driving about 40 hours a week for Lyft and another $70 putting in five hours weekly as a manager at McDonald’s.

Mejia, who receives $200 a month in food stamps, says she’s frustrated she can’t get more hours at McDonald’s. “It’s very difficult,” she says, adding that she can’t afford a car or new clothes for her children and has no savings. She has to leasea car from Lyft to drivefor the ride-hailing service.

The UBS studyraises questions about a widely touted economic milestone: thathousehold debt broadly hascome down as the economy recovers from the recession of 2007-09.After Americans borrowed heavily duringthe housing and credit bubbles of the mid-2000s, many haveshaved their debtby living frugallyand, in some cases, defaulting.

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