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Our research design involved 100 paired comparisons between lessons in nature vs. their matched, classroom-based counterparts across two different instructors, 10 different topics and weeks, and five different measures of classroom engagement. To give a more fine-grained view of our results, Figure Dr Martens Delray Overdyed 3Eye Shoes In Stone BkYMLT
schematically depicts the results for each of the 100 pairs of comparisons. Symbols of different colors and shapes indicate which condition, if any, showed an advantage in subsequent classroom engagement in a given mini-experiment (green checkmark = lesson in nature; purple circle = lesson in the classroom), and the number of symbols indicate the extent of the advantage (no symbols = the conditions differed by less than half a standard deviation; one = the conditions differed by between 0.5 and ≤1 standard deviation; two = between 1 and ≤2 standard deviations; three = over 2 standard deviations).


Figure 5 . Differences in classroom engagement after lessons in nature for different classrooms, weeks, and measures. Condition differences in classroom engagement are depicted with symbols. The color and shape denotes the condition which yielded better classroom engagement, for a particular measure, classroom, and week; when the lesson in nature outperformed its paired classroom lesson, there are green checkmark(s); when the lesson in the classroom outperformed its paired nature lesson, there are purple circle(s). The number of symbols (checkmark or circle) represents the extent to which one condition outperformed the other, with one symbol corresponding to a difference between half a standard deviation and a full standard deviation (>0.5 to ≤1), two symbols corresponding to a difference between one and two standard deviations (>1 to ≤2), and three symbols corresponding to a difference of over two standard deviations. When the difference between a lesson in nature vs. the classroom did not exceed half a standard deviation, no symbols are depicted.

Figure 5 thus illustrates the consistency and size of the nature advantage over the entire series of mini-experiments. Of the 100 nature vs. classroom comparisons, the majority of comparisons (61) show an advantage for the lesson in nature, 25 show small or no difference (less than half a standard deviation in either direction), and only 14 show an advantage for the classroom-based lesson. Further, the size of the nature advantage is considerable: in 48 comparisons, the lesson in nature yielded classroom engagement scores a full standard deviation larger than its classroom-based counterpart; in 20 of these 48, the nature advantage was more than two standard deviations.

Visual inspection for differences across measures suggests that, of the four component classroom engagement measures, teacher ratings, redirects, and independent (photo-based) ratings are reasonably sensitive. By contrast, student ratings appear to be a relatively insensitive measure, showing fewer and smaller condition differences than the other measures.

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by Taboola

Take Argentina’s failure at this World Cup; a mix of disastrous preparation, pitiful resources (both financial and human, in certain positions) and mismanagement.

That is the AFA all over, and there is little sign that it will improve going forward even if Reebok Classic CLASSIC SLIDE Mules white/black VxbenwdAT
stuns the world and decides not to retire from international football a second time.

In having one of the oldest squads at the tournament, Argentina exposed what the destruction of their youth pipeline might mean for their future.

Argentina won the Under-20 World Cup in 2001, 2005 and 2007. 20 players featured for Argentina at the 2018 World Cup and seven of those were Under-20 World Cup winners from 11 or 13 years previously. Of their last three U20 World Cup squads (2011, 2015, 2017) only two players featured in Russia, evidence of a pipeline that dried of talent and eventually broke, with no system in place to champion or develop the youth players and no clear direction at the top had they even got there.

Argentina’s ‘Golden Generation’ should really be defined, then, as between 2010and 2016, when those 2005 and 2007 winners matured towards their peak. Look at the teams that won major tournaments in the period, though, and they were mainly those with a clear long-term plan - Spain 2010 and 2012, Uruguay 2011, Germany 2014 and Chile in 2015 and 2016 - which highlights the lack of one from the AFA. It highlights their failure to maximise talent (the result) on top of the currentfailure of not developing it (the process).

Their preparation for this summer'sWorld Cupwas shambolic, the worst of any team until Spain came along, asked Argentina to hold their cerveza , and sacked Julen Lopetegui the day before Russia 2018 kicked off.

It began when the Albiceleste were struggling to qualify until they begged Puma One Soccer Boots 172 Firm Ground In 10406803 0AFkL
and the Barcelona man dragged them kicking and screaming to Russia.

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should have been the turning point for Jorge Sampaoli, who had until that point been forced to take a pragmatic role that was the opposite of how he had achieved all the success in his career. Argentina would have six friendlies across three international breaks in which Sampaoli could work out the best way to implement his favoured system and take Argentina to success.

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Tricia Jean (TJ) Gold, M.D.

Click here for additional important safety tips.

A child with a fever can be worrisome for any parent. But contrary to what many believe, a fever doesn’t always need to be treated. One of the most common questions I get asked by parents is when to treat a fever and how. This can be difficult and depends on several factors, including the severity of the fever, the level of discomfort your child is experiencing and your child’s response to certain medicines.

When a fever does need to be treated, some parents will ask me about alternating between acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) as a way to treat their child’s fever. In certain situations—not all—a child may benefit from alternating medicines to reduce their discomfort. In all cases, if you are considering using this method to treat your child’s fever, always consult your doctor first.

While some pediatricians may recommend this, no clinical evidence exists to suggest that this method is more effective than using just one type of medicine to treat a fever. In general, if your child does need a fever reducer, it is best to choose one type, either acetaminophen or ibuprofen. If the fever reducer you choose doesn’t seem to work, consult your doctor.

If your doctor does recommend alternating, it’s important to note that this approach allows you to give medication to your child more frequently (up to every three hours as opposed to every six hours with a single type of medicine). This creates an easy opportunity for overdose that parents need to take steps to prevent. Though it’s rare, when I do suggest this approach for alternating, I always stress that parents write down on a piece of paper the dosage of each medicine used and the exact time it was given in order to avoid an accidental overdose. This is very important because when you have a sick child who is up at 3 a.m. and you’re exhausted, it can be very easy to lose track of time and proper dosing intervals.

So when might this method be beneficial, and when would it not? Consider the following scenario:

A parent gave his child ibuprofen (Motrin) at 10 p.m., before putting him to bed, to treat a fever. At midnight, the father went to check on his child. The fever was still there—101° F—but the child was sleeping comfortably. The father called me asking what he should do. Because the child was sleeping soundly, my advice was to not give him additional medication. Let him rest. His next dose of ibuprofen (Motrin) could be given at 4 a.m., if he needs it.

Seems straightforward enough. So when might it be beneficial to alternate medicines? Consider this example:

Recently, a mother brought her child into my office with a fever of 105° F, who was having a febrile seizure. It can be challenging to examine children under these circumstances to determine the cause of the fever and if more urgent medical attention might be required. First I gave the child Motrin, but after more than an hour, his temperature hadn’t changed. Rather than wait another five hours to give him a second dose of ibuprofen (Motrin), I gave him acetaminophen (Tylenol) in hopes of controlling his symptoms. Within two hours, the child’s fever was down to 100.7° F. He was finally lucid and I was able to examine him in the office. After another hour, he was able to go home. In this instance, alternating this child’s dosing might have been a key element to controlling his specific symptoms enough so that he did not require a visit to the ER.

This method of treatment, however, is not a typical practice and is often not recommended by pediatricians because of the risk of an accidental overdose. But as you can see in the second example, there are very specific circumstances in which it might be useful.

After speaking with your pediatrician, if you decide that alternating medicines is the best method to treat your child’s fever, it’s absolutely vital that you maintain six hours in between the use of the medicine, while alternating medicines every three to four hours. For example, if you give your child acetaminophen (Tylenol) at noon, you can give him ibuprofen (Motrin) at 3 p.m. and then acetaminophen (Tylenol) again at 6 p.m. and ibuprofen (Motrin) again at 9 p.m. Neither medicine should be used for more than 24 hours without consulting a physician.

No matter how you and your doctor decide to approach treating your child’s fever, keep in mind these other important safety tips:

FDA Alerts has partnered with Better Health, MedHelp, and third-party experts to provide you with information from experts about the safe use of OTC medicines.

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Guiomar Eguillor te ofrece de primera mano las predicciones del Horóscopo del miércoles 4 de julio de todos los signos del zodiaco: Aries, Tauro, Géminis, Cáncer, Leo, Virgo, Escorpio, Sagitario, Capricornio, Acuario y Piscis.

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Sus decisiones podrían ser mal aceptadas

A pesar de ser una época propicia para comunicarse, se inicia una etapa en la que podrían surgir fuertes tensiones . Además, la toma de decisiones profesionales podrían ser mal aceptadas y crear conflicto con algún colaborador.

A continuación, los consejos astrológicos para hoy, miércoles 4 de julio:

Semanas de una comunicación más viva con sus seres queridos, pero posibles tensiones ahora. Debe compaginar un interés con la atención a ellos.

Las exigencias requeridas por la puesta en marcha de una iniciativa profesional podrían llevarle a descuidar algo la atención a los suyos.


Aunque son meses propicios a desplegar su innata capacidad para la comunicación, riesgo de diferencias y tensiones en estos momentos.


Hasta el mes de septiembre, facilidades para agilizar nuevas operaciones y contactos económicos. Pero mucho cuidado ahora en dinero.

Mercurio en Leo, en oposición a Marte, avisa del riesgo de fuertes tensiones en sus relaciones. Procure evitar temas conflictivos.

Podría pronunciarse la tendencia actual a un estado anímico algo bajo. Es muy conveniente que procure evitar ahora situaciones de estrés.

Durante un par de meses procure agilizar proyectos de su interés. Sin embargo, podría poner obstáculos ahora un ser querido.


Hasta septiembre, periodo propicio a operaciones y contactos profesionales. Pero podrían interferir ahora asuntos familiares.


Aunque es una época propicia para comunicarse así como para viajar, es preferible que no inicie ahora negociaciones ni emprenda viajes.

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